How to Install Tire Stickers - How to Install Tire Letters

2018-09-24 17:52:34

Step 1: Wash and Rinse.
Wash the selected area with soap and scrub thoroughly. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times until all dirt is removed from the tire.

Step 2: Straighten.
Using a good sanding paper, sand the surface to ensure that the stickers adhere as well as possible. Wipe the rubbing area with acetone or thinner. This is important because it prevents the product from sticking as much as possible and thus prevents it from coming off while driving.

Step 3: Make It Stick.
Apply the Bombtire adhesive. Spread the adhesive evenly. Apply a very thin layer of adhesive. For clean application, apply 4 or 5 label adhesives at a time. do not stick them all at once.

Step 4: Apply Pressure.
Follow the label from the near side of Janta and align the label with the side wall and press firmly. Apply a good pressure on each part of the sticker for 30-40 seconds from the tip of your fingers.

Step 5: Remove Transfer.
After making sure that it is stuck, leave it for 5 minutes without removing it and remove the transfer film. However, for maximum adhesion, allow the stickers to dry or dry for 4 hours before moving on.
For a healthier and more durable application, do not use your vehicle for a minimum of 4 hours and do not wash your vehicle for 2 days. Avoid washing with over-pressurized water. It is recommended to flush with water, the use of products such as rim-cleaning chemicals, rubber-polishing can deform the product.